Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ginger The Little Fatty

My Life Changes when Ginger came, He is always a fatty bum bum and love to eat all day long, Early morning Meow at my door. Loves to nap!

Backdated Chinese new year Outfit

Sibei Sibei Backdated Cny outfit, I bought it online, And went to do some alteration , Just in time for CNY. Which I really like.

Party in the House!

Sonia came over for chill and stay over. She is a damm alcoholic la! Bth Her, Haha I ask her to finish all the wine that is at my home, She really finished it.. Haha I only helped her 4 glass only. Gals night gather confirm alot of photo taking session! And I'm Blessed having her.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Date With Hub @ Mariott

Have a Date with Hub @ Mariott for Lunch , Super duper yummy la! Hehe. We enjoyed it so much. Hoping more date to come. LOL

Meeting a Gal from Sabar

Hehe, Finally get to see her after so many Months. She is now a Teacher back in her home town, So usually during School Holiday she will come over to Singapore, To meet some other friends, And Of Cos me! Hehe. We went to Steamboat @ Bugis. And of Cos some drinks too

Gathering After MTM!

Have a Mini Session of drinking and snacking with Sonia And Wee After Our Monthly Meeting. Time for a chill out, Destress session again. Went to Orchard Central because Sonia say that there is some Happy Hour Promotion of 1 for 1 ! Most suitable for this bitch liao.. LOL

Meet up for Mookata!

Our Friend Eelynn open up a stall selling Mookata at Toa Payoh, So we meet up with all the ladies for some gathering and some 38 session.. Haha.. Destress session. !